Lunes, Hulyo 4, 2011

Kuromaru vs He-man Gyaku-Ryona.avi +18
This for you GayComicGeek! I just saw your tentacle video (the rough pencil one), it's fucking hot! To be honest, I really am wishing that I see one of those one day, you have made one of my wishes come true =) Meeehn, I hope there's more to it, haha! It's just too awesome just to end like that!
On the side note, this he-man is from Kane, I just editted it to make him compatible to rape moves, I didn't really editted his sprite (like, giving him a big dick) because I am waiting for this he-man to come out, it may be alot sexier if he's the one being rape =) oh well, enjoy this he-man for now.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the voice file of this he-man... may not a receive a high rating for me =/ but I guess it'll do. Also, the move where Kuromaru devours he-man, as you may have noticed, there's like a lying body of he-man there, well it's not suppose to be there XD I dunno how to remove it, I tried everything, sorry =/
Oh yeah, I think I'll be uploading vids in youtube "unlisted" from now on... youtube doesn't like my vids =/

An update regarding Joe... even though it's unlisted, youtube still doesn't like it =( can anyone suggest to me what I can do about it? Like, another place to where I can upload the vid and put it here?

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  1. How about dailymotion?

    BTW thank you for your posts, I love them all hope you have more good stuff in store for us fans.


  2. Wow, you have no idea how happy you just made me! I love your work so much! Have you thought of putting these on I know I've seen a couple animation vids there. Nothing like this, but I'm sure they'd welcome it. Thanks for liking my tentacle pencil vid. I'd forgotten about it. You're talking about the one where a character based on me is flying through the city and and is violated by unknown tentacles, right? A buddy of mine did most of the work, I just edited it a little with Sony Vegas. He wanted me to add grunt, moaning and squishing sounds that I haven't got to yet.

  3. Why, instead of simply fighting between Kuromaru, Slime, and Minotaur Mugen against other male characters of the arcade you do not do "muscle fights" among all the big guys super muscular, masculine and virile of video games with them shamelessly displaying their beautiful bodies and masculine and "fatality" would be a coup in which the winner erotic "detonate" the loser sexually (I do not know ! A Cock Vore for example ... or even a "chest vore" in which the winner makes a bodybuilder pose of the loser reacts as if his chest was being attracted by a magnet at the chest of the winner so he is dragged unwillingly and stick your chest in the winner and it is then absorbed by the victorious muscled chest as if being swallowed and muscle mass at the end of the victor gets even bigger and he is huge and licking his lips as if he had just eaten the most delicious banquets ...).And you suddenly could make other animated characters for Mugen as Lion-O and all the Thundercats, T-Bone and all Extreme Dinosaurs, Gargoyles Disney etc.. What do you think of the idea?