Huwebes, Agosto 18, 2011

Cyclops and some problems
There it is, cyclops.
The first problem is this, internet issues. Supposedly I'd put everything in one download link, but even just Cyclops took me 4 days to upload him. My brothers are getting irritated at me because I make the internet connection slower due to uploading it.
Anyways, I'll be uploading the other chars one by one though, so that I won't cause trouble to the internet.
Oh yeah, I've been very busy this past few days. I've been learning alot, when I mean "alot" -Lots and lots! Learning stuff about Biology, adobe photoshop and adobe flash all at the same time is fun! and yet, very time consuming :(
If anyone has problems with cyclops, tell me, cuz I myself am not sure if that's the rapable (sorry >.<), too lazy to open MUGEN and check him myself, because everytime I open MUGEN, my laptop goes to super slowmo for up to 30 minutes by just loading MUGEN.

Martes, Agosto 9, 2011

My First Flash

My first flash is an animation, knowing and learning the language of 'em actionscripts and codes sure takes some time, I mean, flash animation is easy once you know the tools and how to do it. I really mean it when flash animation is EASY :) Well since I know flash animation, I'm getting close to knowing them flash games. And yeah, if you guys wanna ask me some stuff about flash animation, I may have some answers for you guys :)
Okay this flash animation if for TES
I don't think I've told you guys this but TES is the one who inspired me making MUGEN edits ;) Since this is my first flash, I myself didn't expect it will be "all that", but atleast, it is something ---> A BIG THANKS TO TES!

Huwebes, Agosto 4, 2011

Before the preliminary exams

First of all, guys and fellow lady bara lovers, don't follow my bad example >.< I should've been studying and focus more into it. But I thought something like "Hey, my life is not about school, I have my own life as well". Okay, on to the post.
So like, I've been practicing photoshop art 'cuz in order to make flash, you have to know (if possible, master) photoshop, this art has been done by mouse >.< I have a tablet though but the pen is missing and I'm so excited to try my art skills in photoshop, atleast it didn't turn out bad. No worries, the next arts I'm going to do are now tablets =D 
Next is for GayComicGeek! First of, I'm sorry because the he-man edits is not finish, my time sure is divided. Plus, editing he-man takes forever! Well, it's because his sprite palettes are mix and hard to formulate the skin designated for the parts underneath his lioncloth, soooo it may take some time in order for me to finish it, atleast, I have something for GayComicGeek! 
Hmm... standing pose I think? hehe, oh yeah, this is just an edited sprite, the original sprite sheet is not from me, I just edited it :)
Uh-oh, someone's got in some tentacle trouble :O
A minute later...

That's it for now!

Linggo, Hulyo 10, 2011

Biyernes, Hulyo 8, 2011

I really need to learn these kind of things!

These flashes may seem be simple (but I already have a feeling it's not) enough for me to learn... I'm desperate for some tutorials! Google is not really helping me :(
Help me guys! If I learn how to do this, I swear I'll contribute lots and lots of tentacle flashes, haha!
While waiting, I guess I'll just do some MUGEN and GIF stuff (which I'm getting tired of >.< )