Biyernes, Hulyo 8, 2011

I really need to learn these kind of things!

These flashes may seem be simple (but I already have a feeling it's not) enough for me to learn... I'm desperate for some tutorials! Google is not really helping me :(
Help me guys! If I learn how to do this, I swear I'll contribute lots and lots of tentacle flashes, haha!
While waiting, I guess I'll just do some MUGEN and GIF stuff (which I'm getting tired of >.< )

1 komento:

  1. Wow! So, you decided to give flash a shot...
    First, you must learn to use flash and code using ActionScript.
    I would like to make a tutorial for you but I'm the embodiment of the grave sin called Sloth
    If you like to learn, you could use thisas a reference
    Good Luck to you and Keep it up! o/