Huwebes, Hulyo 7, 2011

Flash teacher needed!

I want to learn how to make small flash games, just a simple stripping flash game will do. Like if you click this, something happens? something like that cuz I'm getting tired of MUGEN, but that doesn't mean I'll stop in the MUGEN business. So yeah, I need a flash maker teacher and/or tutorial, can anyone help me out please?
Simple-er than Humbug's awesome flashes, hopefully... I'm planning like for an example; the character is restrained by tentacles, then there's this red circle button-like on the bottom left corner, when you click that button, there's this small animation where the restrained character will be stripped or something like that ;)
Oh, and if I happen to learn flash, I may be able to finish what happens to Sol next =D
Ugh... photobucket ruined the quality >.<

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