Linggo, Hulyo 10, 2011

Biyernes, Hulyo 8, 2011

I really need to learn these kind of things!

These flashes may seem be simple (but I already have a feeling it's not) enough for me to learn... I'm desperate for some tutorials! Google is not really helping me :(
Help me guys! If I learn how to do this, I swear I'll contribute lots and lots of tentacle flashes, haha!
While waiting, I guess I'll just do some MUGEN and GIF stuff (which I'm getting tired of >.< )

Huwebes, Hulyo 7, 2011

Yay! A tentacle flash!

Muscle+tentacles, my favorite!!! Anyone knows more? tell me please :D haha!

Flash teacher needed!

I want to learn how to make small flash games, just a simple stripping flash game will do. Like if you click this, something happens? something like that cuz I'm getting tired of MUGEN, but that doesn't mean I'll stop in the MUGEN business. So yeah, I need a flash maker teacher and/or tutorial, can anyone help me out please?
Simple-er than Humbug's awesome flashes, hopefully... I'm planning like for an example; the character is restrained by tentacles, then there's this red circle button-like on the bottom left corner, when you click that button, there's this small animation where the restrained character will be stripped or something like that ;)
Oh, and if I happen to learn flash, I may be able to finish what happens to Sol next =D
Ugh... photobucket ruined the quality >.<

Lunes, Hulyo 4, 2011

Here we go...

Suggested by Jef to put it on dailymotion~thanks Jef =) It's slow... but hey, atleast it's working ;)

-I made this short video for Croup, just an appreciation on how much I love his blog ( I really enjoy visiting his blog. On the side note, heya Croup, I'm sorry if you hate it this way ~I think you may like it when Joe does the "doing it" or he's the one being "done". Whichever, I hope you like it =)

Psshh... my boyfriend loves it when I smile...

He told me I look like her >.< heck I'm prettier ;) haha!

Kuromaru vs He-man Gyaku-Ryona.avi +18
This for you GayComicGeek! I just saw your tentacle video (the rough pencil one), it's fucking hot! To be honest, I really am wishing that I see one of those one day, you have made one of my wishes come true =) Meeehn, I hope there's more to it, haha! It's just too awesome just to end like that!
On the side note, this he-man is from Kane, I just editted it to make him compatible to rape moves, I didn't really editted his sprite (like, giving him a big dick) because I am waiting for this he-man to come out, it may be alot sexier if he's the one being rape =) oh well, enjoy this he-man for now.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the voice file of this he-man... may not a receive a high rating for me =/ but I guess it'll do. Also, the move where Kuromaru devours he-man, as you may have noticed, there's like a lying body of he-man there, well it's not suppose to be there XD I dunno how to remove it, I tried everything, sorry =/
Oh yeah, I think I'll be uploading vids in youtube "unlisted" from now on... youtube doesn't like my vids =/

An update regarding Joe... even though it's unlisted, youtube still doesn't like it =( can anyone suggest to me what I can do about it? Like, another place to where I can upload the vid and put it here?

Linggo, Hulyo 3, 2011

Gotta love Menntaiko

Menntaiko is one of the best artist out there, the details, the expressions, everything! -are so just very amazing.

Oh well, while waiting, something to stare at...

While I'm reuploading Joe (and another surprise), I guess it's just right to post another something to stare at.

Oh maaaan...

I guess youtube doesn't like Joe being violated =/ o'well, just gonna upload again, make it unlisted, aaand stuff...

Sabado, Hulyo 2, 2011

Kuromaru vs Joe Gyaku-Ryona.avi

I made this short video for Croup, just an appreciation on how much I love his blog ( I really enjoy visiting his blog.
On the side note, heya Croup, I'm sorry if you hate it this way ~I think you may like it when Joe does the "doing it" or he's the one being "done". Whichever, I hope you like it =)

*Drool* Thor

Why are the tentacles keeps having all the fun :( I want to tentacle Thor too... or... the other way around.

mmm... Dante...

Dante is just too sexy for those, I hope there's more.

Some spare time

I guess I'll be doing more GIFs, I'm kinda having fun with making 'em -may they be lame or super lame. Probably some more MUGEN stuff when a long weekend comes, production's ongoing though, just very very sloooow... I'm busy with Studies and World of Warcraft. Oh well...

Something to stare at...

So I had a little break from all those college stuff so I decided to make a little some-some. Doesn't just staring on that GIF makes you turn on? I dunno, but for me, this is an inspiration :D

Kuromarus vs Captain America Gyaku-Ryona.avi
This honestly made me chuckle a little, teehee :)) I soooo wan't to add a finisher, if only someone can teach me how to add some sexy moaning codes during that sprite group >.<

Biyernes, Hulyo 1, 2011

Kuromarus vs Guile Gyaku Ryona
As you may have noticed, Guile's tattoos disappear during a rape move, I have another set of sprites where it actually stays there, I'll post it soon.

Minotaur vs Leo Gyaku-Ryona WIP.avi
Not tentacles but I find very "oooh-ing"
Youtube ruined the sound, I might upload a better one soon, maybe when the Leo character is done.

Kuromaru vs Leo Gyaku-Ryona

Yarimusi vs Cyclops Gyaku-Ryona

Kinda new to this

So like, I just started making my own blog. First of all, posts will not go that fast cuz RL loves to intervene. Second, feel free to drop by on my blog, I do these kinds of stuff for fun and pleasure. And finally, this finally may be my place to post some stuff and not just in some bara sites ;) Also, since I'm kinda new, don't expect much posts, I'm still learning =) feel free to message me or just plain 'ole furryloverxbara in youtube. Just no drama or flaming please. Have a good day :)